The Tesla Semi Visits Alaska

Numerous photos and videos with a Tesla Semi prototype being transported have appeared on the Internet.

According to preliminary information, the electric truck was returning from final tests in Alaska. It is worth noting that in January, Tesla sent a special letter to all those who reserved the truck. The letters told about a testing program, modifications and production deadlines.

The Tesla Semi Visits Alaska photo 2

It was also stated that the Tesla Semi will participate in winter testing in the next few weeks. The company wanted to test how well the truck will cope with operations in cold conditions. About a month later, a prototype truck was spotted in Canada. It was previously transported to a test site in Alaska.

Recently, the same prototype was photographed on the way back, near Oregon. According to eyewitnesses, the prototype had appropriate signs confirming that the electric truck was being tested.

Earlier, Elon Musk said that Tesla has found a way to increase a drive range. Specifications of the Tesla Semi are expected to be announced soon as it will be released soon.

The Tesla Semi Visits Alaska photo 3

The Semi was first introduced in 2017. Then Musk promised to release the model in 2019, but the company did not manage to start assembly in the promised time.

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