Euro NCAP Names the Safest Cars of 2019

Each star has a certain number of points and some car models managed to get the best ratings.

Euro NCAP has summed up the results of 2019 and named the best cars in each of the main classes. The increased standards were met mainly by European manufacturers, with the exception of Tesla.

Euro NCAP Names the Safest Cars of 2019 photo 2

During the year, experts checked and evaluated the safety level of 55 new car models, of which 41(!) received a five-star rating. Only seven new cars were included in the list of the best models in their own class. Two of them are from Tesla. The Mercedes-Benz CLA has been declared to be the best of the best this year; it was the absolute leader in the number of scored points.

The safest cars of 2019

  • Supermini — Audi A1 and Renault Clio
  • Small Family Car — Mercedes-Benz CLA
  • Large Family Car — BMW 3 Series and Tesla Model 3
  • Hybrid and Electric — Tesla Model 3
  • Small Off-Road/MPV — Subaru Forester
  • Large Off-Road — Tesla Model X
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