Experts Have Named the Safest Cars: It Is Not About the Price

We are used to the fact that the safest cars are very expensive. But American experts came to unexpected results.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has published results of a new study in which experts compared a number of accidents and death rates among drivers of open-top and closed versions of the same models. Thus, the experts have identified the safest cars.

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The IIHS has analyzed data on accidents involving 1-5-year-old cars registered by the police in 2014-2018. Contrary to popular belief, convertibles were safer than coupes. According to the IIHS report, accidents involving convertibles were 6% less for every mile covered than those involving their closed counterparts, and the death rate among drivers was 11% lower, even taking into account the fact that drivers of open-top cars often fly out of the cabin in a collision.

As previous research of the IIHS has shown, a hard roof reduces the risk of serious or fatal injuries, as well as the likelihood of ejection in the event of a car rollover during an accident. The driver and passengers of a convertible have a 43% chance of flying out of the car, while the coupe has a 35% chance. For this reason, 21% of drivers of convertibles and 17% of regular cars are killed. At the same time, researchers did not find a big difference between similar accidents involving a coupe and a convertible. In both cases, one in four rollover crashes were fatal, about half involving a single vehicle, about 60% of head-on collisions, and about 20% of side-impact collisions.

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Experts explain the superiority of convertibles over coupes by the fact that drivers of such cars often use seat belts, rarely exceed the speed limit and almost never leave in bad weather. As the IIHS stressed, the data from this study should not become a guide when buying a car. Buying a convertible, like any other car, first of all you need to be guided by the results of crash tests.

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