Fiat Launches the 500 Hybrid and Panda Models

Fiat’s European dealers are expecting the new cars from February to March 2020.

The new models' powertrains are based on a 1-liter three-cylinder FireFly engine.

Fiat 500 Hybrid and Panda Hybrid Fiat 500 Hybrid and Panda Hybrid

Combined with a 12-volt starter-generator (BSG) and a compact lithium battery, the 70-hp petrol engine reduces carbon emissions by up to 30% compared to the 1.2-liter unit that the 500 and Panda are equipped with.

The new ICE has a relatively simple design, using two valves per cylinder and a single-belt camshaft. The BSG system is also enhanced with a braking energy storage function that returns some of the unused electrons to the 11-ampere battery.

The hybrids will be sold with a six-speed manual transmission with a «never-before-seen» 6th-gear ratio, which «improves fuel economy on the track.» The entire power unit is located 45 mm lower than the 1.2-liter one, which has a positive effect on the car handling.

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