Fiat Unveils the Stylish Strada for $13,000

Even the very name of the model suggests that its off-road capabilities are conditional: ‘strada’ means "road" in Italian.

The compact Fiat Strada, almost unknown to Europe, is quite well sold in Latin America, where it has been presented since 1998. The automaker has introduced a new generation of the model in the style of the Fiat Tipo and with units from the inexpensive Fiat Argo.

2021 Fiat Strada 2021 Fiat Strada

The Nova Fiat Strada, as the pickup truck is called in South America, is designated for the 2021 model year and will be released by the end of this year. It will cost about $13,000. And it is really interesting that the new-generation Strada may appear on other continents as well.

The 2021 Strada uses a platform from the Argo: it has a length of 4.5 meters and only front-wheel drive. A load capacity of the compact pickup truck is 700 kg. Only 1.4-liter (88 hp) and 1.3-liter (101 hp) petrol engines will be available. The latter is capable of consuming ethanol and producing109 hp.

The new Strada is more functional now: the model is available with a four-door body for the first time. Later, the line-up should be supplemented with versions with a two-door body and an intermediate version with «cropped» rear doors.

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