First AirCar Flight

The winged prototype took off safely and landed on the runway.

Slovakia-based Klein Vision presented its new development, namely the AirCar. This flying car is equipped with two folding wings. In the video below, the Slovaks demonstrate how the prototype turns from a vehicle into an aircraft and takes off for the first time.

First AirCar Flight photo 2

In the vehicle form, the AirCar resembles a cross between a wingless plane and a hypercar designed to carry four people.

First AirCar Flight photo 3

Before flying, its “tail” moves 60 cm back, freeing up space for the wings, and compartments with a lifting mechanism open on the sides. The wings folded in half along the length rise and unfold, turning the car into a small plane. The transformation process is fully automated. The driver does not even need to leave the cockpit.

First AirCar Flight photo 4

The car and its two-bladed propeller are driven by a motor located in the tail section. The engine specifications, as well as the speed of the AirCar, are still kept secret.

First AirCar Flight photo 5

According to the designers, a light body made of composite materials will allow you to create models with different interior layouts or two engines and even an amphibious car that can land on water.

First AirCar Flight photo 6

The AirCar is not the first flying brainchild of the head of Klein Vision CEO Stefan Klein. He led the development of the AeroMobil, a six-meter winged car that was promised to be mass-produced by 2020.

First AirCar Flight photo 7

However, the plan remained unfulfilled. During one of the tests, a prototype of the AeroMobil collapsed from a 300-meter height due to “unforeseen difficulties”. The pilot managed to eject.

First AirCar Flight photo 8

At the end of October, another flying car – the three-wheeled Switchblade — accelerated to 141.5 km/h on the runway. According to the designers' calculations, it will be able to develop twice the speed in the air, namely 300 km/h.

First AirCar Flight photo 9

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