Flying Taxi Takes Its First Flight Over Seoul

A two-seat taxi drone flew almost 2 km over Seoul, but without pilots inside.

Flying taxis are already being tested in Seoul as part of the official plan to introduce urban air transport in South Korea. A two-seat EHang equipped with an autopilot took its first flight over the capital city.

Flying Taxi Takes Its First Flight Over Seoul photo 2

During the tests, the flying taxi driven by eight rotors soared 50 m above sea level and flew 1.8 km over the central areas of the metropolis. According to The Korea Herald, the entire flight took about 7 minutes.

There were no pilots inside the EHang because the car was controlled by the K-drone system. This system can set the trajectory of several vehicles at the same time. The K-drone designers showed its capabilities during tests and the system successfully coped with controlling taxis and mail drones.

Hanwha Systems and Hyundai Motor also demonstrated their developments in the field of flying vehicles. The first introduced the Butterfly, a personal air car developed jointly with Overair. However, only the layout is ready so far: a real aircraft will be 3 times larger and will receive an eco-friendly electric motor.

Hyundai Motor (left) and Hanwha Systems mockups Hyundai Motor (left) and Hanwha Systems mockups

Hyundai showed a 1:3 scale model, which the company had been working on with Uber Technologies. The manufacturer promised to present a working sample, which could accommodate 8 people, within 2 years. The first deliveries are planned for 2028.

Last week, Klein Vision published a video about their new flying development equipped with two folding wings, namely the AirCar, and its first flight. The process of transforming the car from a vehicle to an aircraft is fully automated – the pilot does not even need to leave the cockpit.