The Ford Fiesta ST Is Boosted to 232 HP

Ford owns the small company Mountune, who tunes the company’s new hatchbacks.

The company already released a unique specification for the Fiesta ST. However, this was not enough. And the engineers plan to squeeze a little more strength out of the baby.

The Ford Fiesta ST Is Boosted to 232 HP photo 2

A new upgraded version with the ‘m235’ index squeezes out from a 1.5-liter engine as much as 232 hp, while the previous modification produces 225 hp. The torque of the Fiesta ST is 350 Nm. The improvements also include a modified intake and exhaust systems, as well as a zero-drag filter and a slightly modified turbocharger. In addition, the driver can change the settings of the car using a smartphone. In addition to the power management, it is possible to accurately adjust the exhaust and to shift gears without throwing the gas pedal.

Mountune has also installed a special anti-theft system that allows disabling the car's engine remotely. While these updates include significant changes to the car's performance and hardware, Mountune claims that the packages are designed to keep the car safe and reliable. The company states that when developing the package, they tried to bring the car as close as possible to the standard vehicle.

The Ford Fiesta ST Is Boosted to 232 HP photo 3
The m235's power upgrade shows how much fun you can get from the Mk8 Fiesta ST

said Alec Pell-Johnson, Director, Mountune Performance.

We have worked hard to improve the already impressive m225 kit. Our latest kit provides drivers with a product that delivers both significant performance and driving pleasure through the introduction of gearshift optimization and extended exhaust

he added.

The upgrade will cost $745.

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