Ford Hires Humanoid Robots

A pair of Digit androids from Agility Robotics is already working in the automaker's warehouse.

Ford often experiments with the latest technologies; the manufacturer uses exoskeletons and drones at its factories, and now it has started testing storage robots.

Ford Hires Humanoid Robots photo 2

Ford has become the first customer of Agility Robotics, which produces humanoid robots. The American manufacturer has received two Digit androids, which will be used to work inside warehouses or as food delivery bots. Ford also wants to test how Digits cooperate with commercial vehicles, including drones. For example, to exchange map data.

The Digit has mechanical arms and legs with four degree support and a head with a laser rangefinder that scans space for objects and obstacles. The androids are able to carry loads weighing up to 18 kg, to avoid obstacles, to climb and to descend stairs, and to maintain balance in the event of a collision. Their «body» contains a computer powered by a compact battery. All movable connections are sealed, so the Digit can work even in the rain.

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