Ford Is Designing Its First Electric Minibus

The electric Ford Transit will be released in North America in 2022.

Ford has officially confirmed the all-electric Transit. The model is included into the electrification program. The company plans to spend more than $11.5 billion on it over the next 3 years. In addition to the van, the list includes the F-150, an electric pickup, and the previously introduced Mustang Mach-e, an all-electric crossover.

Ford Is Designing Its First Electric Minibus photo 2

Information about the electric van’s powertrain is not available at the moment. According to preliminary information, units for the new Transit will be developed by Ford’s engineers. So far, Ford has published only a schematic image of the van's side part.

It is also reported that the line-up of electric commercial vehicles will be as diverse as that of ICE models.

Ford plans to draw attention of corporate clients to electric vans with useful options, such as vehicle diagnostics, route tracking, and Ford Telematics, a system of driving data collection. New electric vehicles will also be equipped with collision warning systems, lane keep assist, pedestrian recognition and emergency braking. It will be possible to charge cars using Ford’s charging station network.

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