Ford Presents E-Transit

The new Ford E-Transit, which will be available in early 2022, has an increased drive range and a low owning cost.

On November 12, Ford held an online presentation of the E-Transit characterized by increased performance due to an all-electric transmission, services, new software solutions, and Pro Power Onboard (available as an option).

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Large drive range

With a useful 67-kWh battery capacity, the E-Transit has an estimated 350-km drive range, which is about 3 times the distance that an average European driver covers on a daily basis.

Eco Mode is designed to reduce power consumption by 8-10% if the E-Transit is driving on the highway or without load. Eco Mode adjusts acceleration, limits a top speed and enhances climate control efficiency, helping you maximize a drive range. The car also allows you to program the climate control system while the car is charging, which also increases the range.

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The E-Transit reduces the total owning cost by about 40 percent compared to diesel models due to lower maintenance costs. In Europe, customers will receive best-in-class service with unlimited mileage for 1 year, which comes with a 160,000-km or 8-year warranty for high-voltage electrical components and battery.

The E-Transit supports both AC and DC fast charging. The car's 11.3-kW on-board charger is capable of providing a 100% charge in 8.2 hours. With a 115-kW fast DC charger, the car's battery can be charged from 15-80% in 34 minutes.

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Mobile power source

The E-Transit has the optional Pro Power Board feature that allows customers to turn a car into a mobile source of power, providing up to 2.3 kW for using equipment and tools on the construction site or on the road. This is the first such solution for light commercial vehicles in Europe.

Fjord Pass Connect provides seamless connectivity, helping customers manage their vehicle fleet and optimize its efficiency with a range of various services available through Ford Telematics.

The E-Transit also offers the SYNC 4 communication and entertainment technologies for commercial vehicles: a standard 12-inch touch screen, improved voice control and accessible cloud navigation.

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Fleet operators can take advantage of advanced driver assistance technologies on a road with GPS enabled, including road sign recognition and Intelligent Speed Assist, which define speed limits and allow fleet managers to set vehicle speed limits.

Besides, the E-Transit offers a range of accessible technologies designed to help reduce the number of driver-related insurance claims. These include Pre-Collision Assist, Lane Change Warning, Blind Spot Information System, an omnidirectional camera, and Brake Assist. These features, along with intelligent adaptive cruise control, can help maintain fleet safety standards and reduce the risk of accidents.

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Most powerful

A battery of the model is located underbody, which does not affect the capacity of the cargo compartment – its volume is 15 m3, i.e. as on a diesel rear-wheel drive MPV. The engineers redesigned the transmission and rear suspension system of the E-Transit to optimize cargo space, creating a heavy-duty suspension system with a semi-suspension arm that improved steering accuracy, as well as increased wheel grip.

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The E-Transit is designed for a payload of up to 1,616 kg for vans and up to 1,967 for cab chassis models. The vehicle's electric motor develops 198 kW and 430 Nm, making it the most powerful of all all-electric cargo vans sold in Europe.

In Europe, Ford will offer a rich selection of 25 configurations: a van; a van with a two-row cabin, a chassis, and various options for the roof length and height; and a version with an increased gross weight of up to 4.25 tons.

In 2021, Ford will begin extensive testing of electric delivery vehicles in key European markets. In early 2022, the E-Transit is due to arrive at dealerships.

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