Ford Refuses to Release the New 400-HP Focus RS

The fourth-gen Ford Focus series was deprived of the RS version.

Ford is preparing to release the fourth generation of the Focus. This event is overshadowed by the fact that Ford's line-up will not get the electric RS model this time. The main reason was more stringent CO2 emission regulations, which the hot hatch did not meet.

Ford Focus RS Ford Focus RS

The updated Ford Focus RS was due to enter the market in 2022. The company took various steps to preserve this model version. Ford even considered equipping the hot hatch with a 400-hp hybrid powertrain.

After detailed background studies, the manufacturer had to abandon the project as it had turned out to be too expensive. In the face of the crisis, Ford cannot afford such expenses. It is also not possible to use the same powertrain as in the previous generation, since the company will be hit with a multimillion-dollar fine for violating environmental regulations. As a result, the manufacturer decided to abandon the production of the fourth-gen Focus RS.

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