Formula Drone One: New Millennium Sport

The new championship can combine the best technologies of our time starting from Formula E to drone racing and competitions.

Italy-based Lazzarini Design Studio has presented a concept of a drone in the style of the 1950s Formula One Ferraris. “When thinking about the future, you must not forget about the past”, the designers say.

Formula Drone One: New Millennium Sport photo 2

Lazzarini Design Studio designs cars, yachts and planes with a futuristic design. One of the latest works is the high-speed F33 Spaziale yacht, which can be ordered with a petrol engine (from $610,000) or an electric motor (from $1,600,000).

Lazzarini’s drone concept is named the FD-One, which means Formula Drone One. Oddly enough, the aircraft is two-seat. Its retro futuristic body is equipped with six rotors arranged in pairs so that the drone can be classified as a tricopter. The rotors are driven by the same number of electric motors, and the main power center of the FD-One is a petrol V12 located under the hood. The unit serves as a generator: it powers three battery packs and is directly connected to the electric motors by a belt drive.

The theoretical specifications of the Lazzarini FD-One are as follows: weight — 899 kg, length — 7.3 m, top speed in the air — up to 500 km/h, an all-electric range in the sky – up to 3 hours.

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