4 Aston Martin Cars Are Being Sold After a Poor Season in DTM

The Aston Martin DTM team has announced the sale of four sports cars at once.

If you were dreaming of buying a modern sports car for racing, you would be glad to hear that. The R-Motorsport Aston Martin team, which pulled out the DTM, has announced the sale of their cars.

4 Aston Martin Cars Are Being Sold After a Poor Season in DTM photo 2

This means that four Aston Martin Vantage racing coupes designed for the 2019 DTM season have appeared on the market right away. Although the name is almost the only thing that connects these sports cars with the British brand. These cars were designed and assembled by specialists from the German HWA AG team. There is nothing common with production cars here — the car is based on a carbon fiber monocoque. The Germans equipped the Aston Martin with a 2-liter four-cylinder turbo engine (600 hp) of their own development.

Given that the R-Motorsport team never finished in the Top 5, the management has decided to cancel the program. So, if you have about €1 million, you can buy one of the four Aston Martin cars. However, you can still use this car in the same DTM and the Japanese Super GT. But to do this, the car will have to be modified a little.

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