The International Motor Show Germany to Be Held in Munich

The organizers of the International Motor Show Germany have decided on the venue for the next exhibition.

The German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), which hosts the International Motor Show Germany (IAA), has decided where the 2021 expo will be held. It is Munich, the capital city of Bavaria.

The International Motor Show Germany to Be Held in Munich photo 2

Initially, seven cities participated in the selection — Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Munich and Stuttgart. All of them applied for the 2021 motor show. Berlin, Hamburg and Munich entered the final qualifying round. According to VDA President Hildegard Mueller, the cities «presented very ambitious and compelling plans for the further development of the IAA together with the VDA». The VDA Board of Directors also took into account «attractive event venues, excellent transport infrastructure and experience in organizing major events».

According to the VDA Board of Directors, Munich has all these qualities. The capital of Bavaria is considered the leading center of innovation in Germany. The city administration has been developing a «smart city» in almost all areas of everyday life for several years. But special attention is paid to solutions in the field of sustainable mobility. In all probability, this was the decisive factor, because the VDA expects to restart the motor show in a seriously modified format. The IAA should stop being «just a car expo». Part of the exhibition will promote the idea of «urban mobility». In addition, they plan to demonstrate new developments in real conditions. The authorities of Munich have already given their consent to use the city center for this purpose. It will be an addition to the IAA halls.

The dates for the 2021 IAA have not yet been announced. The International Motor Show Germany was held every two years, in early autumn, alternating with the Paris Motor Show.

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