No More Frankfurt Motor Shows

Starting next year, one of the world's largest exhibitions will cease to exist.

However, the car show should appear in a different German city, although in an updated format.

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For almost seven decades, the Frankfurt Motor Show has been a meeting place for new cars and anyone interested in vehicles. This year, the Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung (IAA), also known as the Frankfurt Motor Show, will be the last in its kind.

Verband der Automobilindustrie (VDA) reports that attendance at the auto show has declined significantly in recent years. If the IAA was visited by about a million people in 2015, there were 810,000 of visitors in 2017, and only 550,000 car enthusiasts came to the expo last year. Despite the significant organizational costs to participate in such events, automakers are also increasingly abandoning them.

In addition, eco-activists are increasingly using auto shows to spread their ideas. This also does not add to the attractiveness of exhibitions in the eyes of visitors.

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The IAA has announced that the 2021 Frankfurt Motor Show will not take place, but they are already looking for a replacement. According to the VDA, several major German cities are in: Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Stuttgart and Hanover. At the same time, a new approach to the auto show and a new concept are being developed. It is expected that the exhibition will move away from the traditional principles of static demonstration of new cars and will focus on other aspects of the industry, such as promising technologies, services, concepts of urban and personal transport, and so on. The city that will take the baton from Frankfurt will be named in the coming weeks.

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