Future BMW Models to “Feel” Roadbed

Special software will help them do this.

The BMW Group has signed an agreement with the Israeli company Tactile Mobility to use software for analyzing the road surface with car wheels.

Future BMW Models to “Feel” Roadbed photo 2

The company has entered into a partnership agreement with Tactile Mobility from the Israeli city of Haifa, which is considered the world's leading provider of software for virtual processing of tactile data. Thanks to this, future BMW models will learn to «feel» the road. This technology will be used in cars of other brands of the BMW Group, such as Mini and Rolls-Royce. The proprietary Tactile Mobility software provides the ability to analyze the attributes of the road surface under the wheels in real time.

Future BMW Models to “Feel” Roadbed photo 3

The software uses a set of sensors to collect and analyze the road surface, which will allow the stabilization system to adjust the suspension, control the distribution of traction on the wheels, monitor braking performance, and much more. «We are excited to partner with BMW to equip their cars with the 'touch' feature and demonstrate the commercial viability of this technology,» said Tactile Mobility CTO Boaz Mizrahi. The software will be available for new BMWs starting from 2021.

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