The Electric Ferrari Model Is Coming After 2025

A fully electric Ferrari will be released in 2025; it will be a GT class car.

The public has not yet had time to get over the premiere of the first hybrid sports cars in the history of the company, as new sensational news came from Maranello: Ferrari is planning to release an electric car.

Author's concept electric car Ferrari F80 Author's concept electric car Ferrari F80

Ferrari designers and engineers have already had some experience in working with electrified vehicles. The company’s line includes the SF90 Stradale and Roma hybrids. However, Ferrari is convinced that modern battery technologies still don’t meet the high standards of the brand and require further development. Therefore, the release of a fully electric model with a prancing stallion on the hood would have to wait another five years, Chief Executive Louis Camilleri said.

Previously, Ferrari stated that a fully electric car will appear after the current industrial plan ends in 2022, i.e. not earlier than 2023.

Camilleri also added that Ferrari was already studying a fully electric GT car but would focus on expanding hybrid lines for the «current foreseeable future». For now the manufacturer is not satisfied with such parameters of electric cars as power reserve and charging speed. Camilleri is convinced that the technology will advance enough to match the company’s standards in five years.

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