Google Will Help to Find a Charging Station

The established market for cars with internal combustion engines led to the invention of a universal filling station — you need to have a very rare vehicle, so as not to fill the tank with suitable fuel at the first available station.

However, the situation with electric vehicles is not so clear. Google has recently introduced a charging station search system in its maps with the ability to filter them by plug type and availability.

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Google Maps now allows you to not only find charging stations but also use filters to define what plug types are present at the station and whether they are free in real time. An app update for Android is already available but this functionality may not work correctly yet in some countries.

Search filters allow you to choose a charging station — Tesla, Chargepoint, Chargemaster, ABL, Keba, go-e, EVgo or SemaConnect, as well as a plug type (CHAdeMO, CCS, and others). Additional information about a charging station includes a number of available ports, location, charging speed, reviews, and photos. According to Androidpolice, you can specify the parameters of your electric car in the settings in order to filter out unsuitable charging stations automatically.

The electric car industry and market are still small compared to their petrol and diesel counterparts but the speed of their development is impressive. Unsatisfying charging infrastructure is a significant obstacle to such development. Therefore, huge funds are invested in solving this problem. The expansion of map functionalities by such a giant as Google will make life of many electric car owners much easier.

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