Honda e to Get Sports Type R Configuration

The platform of the subcompact city car can easily handle the extra power and sports components.

The Honda e will be released in Europe this summer. According to Honda Assistant Large Project Leader Takahiro Shinya, the possibility of appearing of sports modifications is not excluded. At the same time, the Type R designation is likely to remain in the past with petrol cars.

Honda e to Get Sports Type R Configuration photo 2

Takahiro Shinya noted in his interview with Top Gear that “this new platform, the motor and tires can all take more”, referring to the EV with a short name. Then, he mentioned the Type R brand several times. However, at the end, he clarified: “You’ll probably see something more in a couple of years, not a Type R, but something.”

This is in line with a previous statement from Honda e Project Manager Kohei Hitomi: “For some segments, it might be the right choice and Type R is a way to express Honda’s capability as a sporty brand. But for Honda E, we want to provide a new dimension of values for our customers.” In other words, the Type R brand is the epitome of “sport” for ICE cars with, but it is not suitable for electric vehicles.

The choice of a new designation for sports EVs is unlimited. However, it is too early to say which logo will appear on the sides of the brand's hot electric vehicles.

The European standard Honda e is an A-class hatchback with a 135-hp electric motor placed at the rear. A more powerful electric motor is capable of producing 155 hp. In both cases, the hatchback is equipped with a 35-kWh battery, which provides a 140-km drive range. The new models costs starting from €33,470. The version with a 155-hp engine costs starting from €36,470.

Perhaps, the Honda e coupe, presented earlier in the form of a concept, will also become mass-produced. This is what Honda's top managers might have in mind when talking about the design of a more powerful modification.

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