Honda Has Made a Safer Place for Pets

Pet owners often refer to their woolly pets as children. Therefore, devices for transporting them in the car can be considered a special “child car seat”.

Honda Dog accessories are available in Japan and are even offered in the RideShare rental services, but they are not found outside the country. Unfortunately…

Honda Has Made a Safer Place for Pets photo 2

Honda offers a whole series of dog accessories called Honda Dog. This cool car seat for traveling is among them; it is also know as the Pet Seat Plus Wan accessory. It is suitable for small breeds of dogs, cats and other animals.

Together with other Honda Dog devices (such as blankets and seat covers), a set of branded accessories can turn the car into a more than comfortable place for the animal and provides less hassle for the owner of the car at the same time, e.g. with cleaning.

Honda has been offering branded animal accessories for some time, but now the company has made them available not only for car owners but also for users of the EveryGo service.

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