Honda refuses touch control in favor of the old analog

Honda will return physical climate control buttons to its cars.

Modern cars are literally overloaded with various technologies and driver assistance systems. For convenience and ease of operation, most automakers have abandoned analogue controls in favor of touchscreen ones. Moreover, the latter is used to control everything, even climate control systems.

Honda refuses touch control in favor of the old analog photo 2

However, not all automakers have been overwhelmed by mass digitalization. For example, Honda has decided to resist modern trends and demonstrate some conservatism. The company has decided to bring back physical buttons to control certain functions. After all, according to Honda's specialists, new technologies are «difficult to operate intuitively» and therefore the driver has to constantly distract from the road in order to choose the desired climate setting.

Thus, the first car, that will receive conventional controls again, will be the updated Honda Jazz hatchback. In particular, rotary knob controls will be provided for operating a climate control unit. The touchscreen will remain the same as that of the previous generation Jazz.

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