Honda to Abandon ICE Much Sooner

The company's European line-up will include only electric vehicles and hybrids.

Honda has adjusted its plans in Europe: cars equipped with diesel and petrol engines will disappear from the market in 2022 (3 years earlier than planned). According to The Times, the brand has decided to bet on EVs, but hybrid models will still be sold.

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Cars with diesel engines will be the first to disappear from the European market. According to the article, deliveries of Honda’s models on “heavy” fuel to British dealerships have already been stopped, and the last copies will be sold out in the coming weeks. Honda has become the largest car manufacturer in the UK, which plans to completely switch to “green” powertrains within the next two years.

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Honda's decision to rid the European model range of traditional internal combustion engines in advance is dictated by the upcoming bans. According to The Guardian, the UK, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands plan to completely abandon petrol and diesel cars in 10 years, and France will join the list in 2040. Norway will be the first to introduce the ban in 2025.

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Last week, Senior Vice President of Honda Europe Ian Howells criticized the desire of the United Kingdom authorities to completely abandon the internal combustion engine. He said there are other ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions without depriving the car market of diversity and consumers of more affordable alternatives. For example, you can improve the environmental situation with the help of hybrids powered by hydrogen and synthetic fuel.

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To date, the Japanese manufacturer has only one EV in its line-up, namely the Honda e. The car is equipped with a motor with a power output of 136/154 hp and is able to drive 220 km without recharging. The CR-V and Jazz are the only hybrids available in Europe.

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