How Audi to Replace Buttons in Car Interiors

With the advent of touch screens, voice control and gesture recognition systems in cars, other controls for on-board systems are simply unnecessary.

Technology will inevitably affect the design. Automakers are trying to make driving easier and more elegant. Take, for example, headlights that have evolved from dim gas lamps to bright and precise laser systems. Now, apparently, it's time for buttons to evolve.

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Audi is one of those companies that are at the forefront of automotive progress. For instance, most of the on-board systems are controlled using touch screens in the RS Q8 model and in other new cars of the brand. There are three of them in the cabin: a digital dashboard, a touch screen of the infotainment system and a separate climate control screen. Thus, the manufacturer removed most of the buttons in the car interior. There were so many buttons in the first generation of the Q7 SUV, so it looked like a cabin of an airplane.

However, Audi does not intend to stop there. Head of Audi Design Marc Lichte told that he intended to completely get rid of all buttons and handles in the interior of future Audi cars. They will be replaced by displays and augmented reality systems.

In other words, future cars will have a huge AR display in place of the dashboard and the two screens on the center console will be combined into one large touch screen. However, Lichte understands that touch screens are not convenient for everyone, so some of the most commonly used systems will still be controlled the old-fashioned way. For example, the volume level of the audio system can be changed with the good old rotary controller.

Lichte underlined that all changes would be evolutionary, not revolutionary, so as not to horrify customers.

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