An Electric SUV with Built-In Karaoke Is Presented

The company, founded by renowned automotive designer Henrik Fisker, has unveiled the Ocean EV, which will make its public debut at CES.

Despite the fact that the car presentation took place, the technical specifications have not been officially disclosed until now. We only know that the top-end configuration of the Fisker Ocean will be all-wheel drive and get the LG Chem battery, capacity of which will be enough for 400-483 km of mileage without recharging. The new electric SUV can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 2.9 seconds.

An Electric SUV with Built-In Karaoke Is Presented photo 2

From what was shown at the event with Henrik Fisker’s participation, the new EV will get two screens — a large vertical touch display on the center console, as well as a small horizontal monochrome display behind the wheel. The electric car will also be equipped with a projection screen. In addition, it will be possible to display any song lyrics, so that you can arrange karaoke on the go.

The second feature of the Fisker Ocean is the California Mode, in which you can open all the windows, except the windshield, and the roof with a single button. The roof itself will get a built-in solar battery in the top-end configurations. Henrik Fisker emphasizes the eco-friendliness of his SUV — the interior is made from old car tires, fishing nets and recycled plastic.

The Fisker Ocean is already available for orders — the deposit amounts to $250 and the first cars are promised to be delivered to customers no earlier than 2022. The basic configuration will cost $29.999, but the equipment of this model has not yet been disclosed. In addition to buying an electric car, you can subscribe for a one-time payment of $2.999 and a monthly payment of $379.

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