Human Horizons Starts Building a Smart City of the Future

An experimental city of the future is being built in Shanghai. It will feature high-tech roads, driverless buses, 5G Internet coverage, and more.

The Chinese company Human Horizons has undertaken to build a whole city in which all transport will be driverless, environmentally friendly and safe, and the infrastructure will be «friendly» to electric cars and people.

The experimental campus is located in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park in Shanghai, where Human Horizons creates and tests the transport and communication infrastructure of the Smart City.

The Smart City project is part of the company’s strategic plan, called 3 Smart: «smart car», «smart road», «smart city». All these three components are connected via high-speed Internet and V2X autonomous driving traffic management system.

Smart City actually forms an ecosystem for EVs, where everything is adapted to them.

Information for Smart City’s control center will be collected by three driverless vehicles with LiDAR. The entire complex will represent the world's first 5G autonomous driving traffic management system.

In the demo videos by Human Horizons, you can see several concepts that were previously shown to the public. The most interesting of them is the «electric SUV inspired by supercars» – the HiPhi 1. It is equipped with more than 500 sensors, L3 dual redundant autonomous driving, six MPUs and a neural network that is responsible for processing and transmitting data. In addition, the HiPhi 1 has nine doors, all of different types.

In the video, you can also notice driverless passenger vehicles and the most spectacular concept of the Chinese company — the Human Horizons Concept H.

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