Hybrid or Electric: How to Save the Planet

It seems that more familiar hybrids can still respond to newfangled electric vehicles in the fight for the environment and attention of buyers.

A car without an internal combustion engine driving by electric traction is a convenient tool for talking about environmental protection. Do not forget about hybrids, which are a little more complicated, but we will return to this later. Electric vehicles really do not throw any nasty things into the atmosphere. And we could have finished here.

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However, cars are not considered as a ready-made unit for a long time. Before the buyer receives their vehicle, there are development and production processes. At the end of the operating period, do not forget about recycling. And there is nothing good for EVs in all this.

In this case, cars with an unlimited drive range (we are talking about the internal combustion engine) are much safer for our planet. Toyota Canada spoke about this, but hybrids were cited as an effective argument.

The company believes that such cars reduce the production of greenhouse gases by about a third. At the same time, speaking of efficiency, it is possible to produce forty-two 1.4-kWh batteries for forty-two Toyota Prius hybrids instead of one EV with a 60-kWh battery.

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Larry Hutchinson from Toyota Canada believes that hybrids in this regard are a much more effective solution for any automaker. Irrational electric vehicles, on top of everything else, are very expensive to buy, make owners worry about a drive range and also need a complex and expensive infrastructure.

And don't forget about the life cycle, which leads to the disposal of the vehicle at the end. According to the combination of factors, EVs cause a much more destructive impact on the environment. From this point of view, the hybrid is approximately 3.5 times safer.

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