Hybrid Porsche Cayenne Now Has Increased Drive Range

The Porsche Cayenne has got an enlarged battery.

Porsche has increased a battery capacity of the Cayenne in order to make the model a more eco-friendly vehicle that appeals to European buyers. Besides, the company has improved a driving mode that allows recharging the battery on the go.

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After the premiere of the updated Porsche Panamera family, which introduced more efficient hybrids, the German company has upgraded the batteries of the top-end Turbo S E-Hybrid and the Cayenne E-Hybrid. Now, the petrol-electric versions are equipped with 17.9-kWh batteries instead of 14.1-kWh ones.

A drive range of the models is also increased by 30 percent. The Cayenne E-Hybrid can now travel up to 48 km (WLTP), and the Turbo S E-Hybrid — up to 42 km. Thanks to the increased drive range, German Cayenne owners can now register a license plate with the letter “E” and receive tax benefits.

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The E-Charge mode was also affected. So, the load on the internal combustion engine has been increased. It means that the battery can be charged faster while driving. However, when you reach 80 percent, the process will stop and the charging speed will slow down. Previously, E-Charge allowed the battery to be charged up to 100 percent. The Sport and Sport Plus modes have also been updated: now they charge the battery to a minimum, which is enough for fast acceleration.

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The battery of the hybrid Cayenne can be charged from the home network through Mobile Charger Connect. With it, you can schedule a charging time (for example at night, when electricity is cheaper). What is more, the function can automatically turn on air conditioning to ventilate the interior before the trip. Home Energy Manager is also available but as an option. It independently determines a charging power that does not overload the home network. The system takes into account solar panels and will try to use this energy whenever possible. A maximum charging power depends on the model and reaches 7.2 kW.

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Last week, Porsche revealed specifications of the most powerful Panamera, namely the Turbo S E-Hybrid. A new powertrain produces 700 hp and 870 Nm, which will make the model the company’s second most powerful vehicle after the 761-hp Taycan Turbo S.

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