Hyundai Models to Shift Gears Based on GPS and Cameras

The development of automotive technologies does not stand still.

Every day, manufacturers offer a huge number of solutions, which simplify the life of drivers and send many old functions and aggregates to the shelves of history. Today, Hyundai has unveiled its new transmission, which can change its use in cars once and for all. It is called the ‘ICT Connected Shift System’.

Hyundai Models to Shift Gears Based on GPS and Cameras photo 2

Despite the fact that automakers offer a huge range of automatic transmissions today, Hyundai’s engineers offer really something new. The thing is that this automatic transmission will shift gears not only in accordance with the gas pedal, but also focusing on external factors. The system will monitor turns, road slopes, weather and many other factors coming from GPS and external cameras in real time, while special radars will monitor surrounding traffic. Thus, looking a little into the future, the car will independently select the most suitable transmission for a particular situation on the road. For example, when approaching a turn, the gearbox will automatically switch to a lower gear, which will reduce the speed due to engine braking.

This innovation, according to the company, will increase efficiency of brake pads. And, in general, the system will allow the driver to be less tired at the wheel and save a significant amount of fuel.

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