UK Electric Taxis to Be Charged Wirelessly

The investments in infrastructure for electric vehicles are allocated as part of an experiment that will last six months.

The experiment will assess the effectiveness of wireless charging for taxi services and the feasibility of further investment in the development of street infrastructure in this area.

UK Electric Taxis to Be Charged Wirelessly photo 2

Only 10 electric vehicles will take part in the experiment: LEVC's world-famous London cabs and battery-powered E-NV200 COMBI vans. These cars will be equipped with wireless charging systems.

A similar pilot project was launched in Oslo last year, strengthening Norway’s position as a European leader in the green transport segment.

The main advantage of wireless charging is that multiple taxis can be charged simultaneously from a single docking station. If the experiment is successful, the British government can make wireless charging available to the public In the future, which will make EV owners’ life much easier.

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