US Wants to Allow Using Emojis on Car License Plates

The state of Vermont has submitted a proposal to legalize six special characters for license plates.

Vermont lawmakers are debating whether to allow drivers to use “emoticons” on license plates. It is not yet clear what “emotional faces” may be approved.

US Wants to Allow Using Emojis on Car License Plates photo 2

Rebecca White, a representative of the bill initiative group, said that the proposal had been submitted to the local government for consideration, referring to the six previously approved Emojis. Unfortunately, Rebecca White did not disclose which ones she had been talking about.

If the bill becomes a law, it is likely that the state will charge drivers for special license plates. A similar law is already in effect in the Australian state of Queensland, where drivers can use one of the five officially permitted emojis, paying about AU$500 for a plate. Car owners in California can legally use the symbols “heart”, “star” or “hand” in their personal license plates.

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