Interior of Six-Meter Aznom Limousine

The model will premiere at the end of October in Milan.

Italy-based Aznom Automotive have revealed the first images of the interior of the Palladium. The six-meter “hyper-limousine”, as it is called by the designers, has received a four-seat interior with an unusual backseat and a cooled mini-bar.

Interior of Six-Meter Aznom Limousine photo 2

Aznom assures that the backseat will not only be spacious but also “ultra-comfortable”. This seat is equipped with separate folding backs, the tilt and height of which can be adjusted individually. The “legs” of the seat have extendable cooling compartments for drinks and cigars and a storage bin. An earlier sketch also showed a folding table with slots for glass holders.

Interior of Six-Meter Aznom Limousine photo 3

In the sketches presented, the interior is decorated with two-tone leather and wood panels, but the company can offer an exclusive design at the request of the client. Aznom notes that the personalization possibilities of the limousine are almost limitless.

Interior of Six-Meter Aznom Limousine photo 4

The Palladium, built in collaboration with Camal Studio, is about 6,000 mm long and 2,000 mm high. The limousine has suicide doors, like that of the Rolls-Royce Phantom. The car is also similar to the Phantom with headlights design and a large radiator grille with vertical slats.

Interior of Six-Meter Aznom Limousine photo 5

The Palladium will get a 671-hp biturbo engine (its volume will probably be 5.7 liters) and a four-wheel drive system, which the flagship Rolls-Royce is not equipped with.

Interior of Six-Meter Aznom Limousine photo 6

Aznom’s limousine will be presented at the Milano-Monza Open Air Motor Show, which will be held at the end of October. The Palladium will only have a circulation of 10 copies.

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