iPhone to Unlock Cars

This feature will be available when you upgrade your iPhone to iOS 13.4.

Some users of Apple smartphones now have access to the first beta of iOS 13.4. It has several features for car owners.

iPhone to Unlock Cars photo 2

In particular, new call and GPS controls will be added to CarPlay. However, the most interesting thing is that you can now use your iPhone or Apple Watch to unlock, lock, and start a car.

This function is called CarKey and is available via NFC (the one that allows you to make contactless payments in the store using your smartphone). Face ID will not be required, and the first setup process with a car will be carried out through Wallet.

With CarKey, you can share access to your car to family members or friends. Apple is currently working with some car manufacturers to implement this feature. In particular, it is used in some models of Tesla, BMW and others.

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