650-km Tesla Model S to Be Released Soon

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The all-electric range of the EV king makes competitors envious. Besides, the Tesla S will soon be able to drive even further without recharging.

650-km Tesla Model S to Be Released Soon photo 2
We are fast approaching the 400-mile mark for the Model S

Elon Musk said during a conference call to announce the company's Q4 2019 financial report. In the metric system, this is 643.738 km. Then there was an even more “frank” remark in response to a question about the start of using a new type of battery (which is already used for the Model 3) for the Model S and Model X: “the arrival of the 400-mile Model S is not long to wait.” Engadget claims that the high-performance Model S Plaid with new batteries will be released later this year.

This means for owners of current Model S versions that it will not be possible to further increase a drive range by updating the software. However, a drive range of the current Tesla Model S is 610 km (WLTP), or about 574 km (EPA), which makes this EV a leader in the segment.

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