Italian Supercars to Be Assembled in United States

Italy-based De Tomaso has announced that the company and its sites will move to the United States.

The revived company De Tomaso will move the headquarters to the USA. The P72 supercar will also be assembled there — talks with the authorities on this are already underway.

Italian Supercars to Be Assembled in United States
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As part of the Mission American Automotive Renaissance project, De Tomaso is going to move the HQs and production sites to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean to build the first P72 model. The brand is negotiating with the authorities of several American states. The final decision will be taken within 6 months. According to De Tomaso, the fact that the P72 will be built in the USA indicates “the return of the American automobile industry's glorious days of excellence”.

We are committed to launching a new golden era in the American automotive design and excellence, as well as to creating opportunities, to developing talent, and to boldly collaborating

De Tomaso CEO Ryan Burris said. The CEO also believes that De Tomaso is an Italian-Argentine-American brand, because the company was founded by Argentine Alejandro de Tomaso in Italy and most of the cars produced were equipped with engines designed by Ford (the company's cars were sold in the United States through Ford’s dealerships). The P72 will be in production at the end of 2022.

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