JLR Engineers Present Chair That Simulates Walking

The new technology is designed to improve a driver's well-being by "tricking" their brain.

Innovative transforming seats designed by Jaguar Land Rover will be able to adapt individually to each passenger.

The seats use a set of built-in control mechanisms that create constant micro-vibrations. They make a person’s brain perceive impulses as when walking. This should reduce the tension of the back and neck muscles, as well as the load on the spine.

The British automaker cites the WHO, according to which about 1.4 billion people in the world lead a predominantly sedentary lifestyle. This can cause problems with leg muscles, back pain, and an increased risk of injury if you stretch or fall. Accordingly, simulating walking movements should reduce the negative effects of long car rides.

In the video below, the Jaguar Land Rover medical specialist also gives recommendations on how to adjust the seats to fit properly at the wheel. They will help drivers until innovative seats appear in production cars.

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