Kia May Change the Brand Logo

A new trademark has been registered in the South Korean patent office. This logo has already been used on one of the brand's concepts.

The information from the KIPRIS database indicates that Kia sent several requests for registration of a new trademark — a logo with the brand name written together — in July and November, 2019.

Kia logo on the steering wheel of the Imagine by Kia concept Kia logo on the steering wheel of the Imagine by Kia concept

The new logos are made in the same pattern and in the same font but with small variations. A similar logo was already used on the Imagine concept this spring.

It is not yet clear whether Kia will use the new logo in all future models, either exclusively for electric vehicles or only for concepts. As for the Imagine concept, which was the first to try on the brand's new logo, it will not be mass-produced, although the manufacturer can use certain solutions in its production models. There was no official information about changing the logo from the company itself.

Kia conceptual logoKia conceptual logo

The current Kia logo appeared in 2004. The brand name itself consists of the hieroglyph ki (起), which means «origin», and the symbol A (亞), which symbolizes the East, that is, Asia. Kia was founded in 1944, starting with the production of bicycles. Since 1957, the company began production of licensed Honda motorcycles. In 1962 it started production of Mazda trucks, and in 1974 it became a manufacturer of passenger cars.

Kia brand logo Kia brand logo

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