Koenigsegg Presents a 700-HP Car

Sweden-based Koenigsegg, which specializes in the production of sports cars, has only three models so far – the Agera, Jesko and Gemera. However, the manufacturer will probably add another powerful hypercar to the line-up in the near future.

RAW Design House, founded by Koenigsegg’s Head of Design Sasha Selipanov, is responsible for the new model. In particular, the project of the intriguing hypercar was designed by Esa Mustonen. The concept is called RAW by Koenigsegg and is currently only available in digital format.

Koenigsegg Presents a 700-HP Car photo 2

According to Mustonen, the model represents a 3-seat carbon fiber monocoque and an entry-level hypercar. The car will weigh only 700 kg. At the same time, it will be powered by a 3.0-liter Freevalve petrol engine with a power output of 700 hp.

Koenigsegg Presents a 700-HP Car photo 3Koenigsegg Presents a 700-HP Car photo 4Koenigsegg Presents a 700-HP Car photo 5Koenigsegg Presents a 700-HP Car photo 6Koenigsegg Presents a 700-HP Car photo 7Koenigsegg Presents a 700-HP Car photo 8

As for the design, it is markedly different from the already presented Koenigsegg models. The roof divided into two parts and the encircling glazing remained the only recognizable elements. Otherwise, the model is completely unique. It has received an unusual front part with clear lines, vertical headlights and a horizontal LED strip. At the back, there is a huge diffuser, LED taillights and two exhaust pipes. The interior is designed so that it can accommodate three people, including the driver. In this case, its seat will be located directly in the center, just like in the McLaren Speedtail.

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