The Land Rover Defender to Have a Younger Brother

Land Rover is thinking about the release of a compact model, which is so lacking in the line-up.

A new compact Defender may appear in the next few years. The manufacturer wants to fill this empty niche and thus create a competitor to the BMW X1 and Mercedes-Benz GLA.

The Land Rover Defender to Have a Younger Brother photo 2

According to Which Car, the new Defender will be built on a shortened version of Land Rover’s aluminum platform. It is possible that it will also be simplified a little. The design of the «younger» model will be developed in accordance with the “family” style. In fact, it will just be a smaller copy of the Defender. The new vehicle will be available only in a five-door body.

A new engine line will likely include electrified three-cylinder or four-cylinder turbo engines. The model is also promised to be all-wheel drive.

Presumably, the «younger» model will be called “Land Rover 80”. Its price tag will start from $32,000. The company is also considering expanding the line-up in another direction. We are talking about a seven-seat “130” version. It will retain the wheelbase of the Land Rover 110, but will get an elongated body.

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