Land Rover Develops Its First Passenger Car

This part of the electrification plan from Jaguar Land Rover includes the unusual Land Rover, as well as the XJ and J-Pace models from Jaguar.

By now, it is known that Jaguar plans to return the flagship XJ model in the form of an all-electric sedan. It has already been tested several times before the official presentation scheduled for the end of 2020. Land Rover’s answer to Mercedes EQS and the recently announced BMW 7 Series Electric will be the first recipient of Jaguar Land Rover's newly developed modular longitudinal architecture (MLA). By the end of 2021, JLR will release two additional models based on the MLA – the large J-Pace SUV and the rather mysterious “Road Rover”.

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Although the J-Pace, which is offered with electric and conventional powertrains, is rumored to have a more avant-garde style and a more luxurious interior than its more compact F-Pace sibling. We do not have much detail about the Road Rover yet. Today, it is only known that the electric car will debut under a different name, despite the fact that the 2018 trademark registration application says the opposite. There is one more thing – this car will be focused on city driving without any hints of off-road driving.

Experts already predict that it will be a more urban car with a small ground clearance. Most likely, it will look more like a station wagon than an SUV. It is difficult to argue with the fact that such a non-standard solution clearly does not hurt Jaguar Land Rover, with its number of SUVs.

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All three models — the XJ, J-Pace and Road Rover – are part of a huge electrification program that has cost the company more than $1.5 billion. The new basics have been developed to accommodate electric motors, internal combustion engines, and their combination. It means that plug-in hybrids are also in the company’s plans.

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