Lexus Makes the Most Reliable Cars in 2020

Consumer Reports’ rating is based on the results of this year, but the title says 2020.

Experts of the independent non-profit organization Consumer Reports called Lexus cars the most reliable according to the results of an annual analysis of requests from owners and recall campaigns. Lexus scored 81 points out of 100 possible – more than other companies.

Lexus Makes the Most Reliable Cars in 2020 photo 2

The average rating of the Lexus model line was 81 points, which is almost double the industry average — 41 to 60 points. The rating is based on independent testing and analysis of data on 420.000 cars.

To calculate the reliability coefficient, hundreds of thousands of car owners are surveyed, the most problematic places typical for brands and individual models are noted, and the overall level of satisfaction is released. In addition, Consumer Reports has its own automotive test center.

Lexus received its first reliability award from J. D. Power and Associates back in 1995. Then, the Japanese luxury brand received the «Best model range» and «Best brand» titles. The company was also No. 1 in the long-term rating of car reliability. In October 2013, Lexus was ranked first in the annual Consumer Reports survey. The Lexus ES 300h was one of the most reliable cars in the test’s history. In all those years, the company held leading positions in Consumer Reports’ and J. D. Power and Associates’ tests.

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