Lexus Reduces Production

The decision to reduce production was made by Toyota, thus sacrificing premium car manufacturing.

Toyota decided to reduce production of Lexus cars by 6%. The decision comes into force on March 16. The reason is simple – the coronavirus pandemic. The restriction will be temporary and will last for two weeks. It may be extended after this period, according to NHK.

Lexus Reduces Production photo 2

It is worth noting that China is the second most important market for Toyota after the United States. Last month, due to the coronavirus, the company managed to sell about 24,000 cars. This figure is two-thirds less than last year, according to data for the same time period. Toyota sold 169,000 cars in China over a 3-month period. This is a quarter less than in 2019.

Other car manufacturers have also been affected by the coronavirus. The main reason for the «stops» is the lack of Chinese components. The possible suspension of car production was previously reported by Nissan and JLR. In addition, due to the COVID-19, motor shows in Beijing and Geneva were also canceled. The New York International Auto Show is also under threat, but the organizers are doing everything in their power to make the event take place.

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