Maserati Celebrates 70 Years Since Historic Victory

The year 2020 is rich in anniversaries. Maserati is also celebrating one of them.

This spring marked exactly 70 years since the Maserati 4CLT won a double victory in the race, the so-called 'same day double win'. The winnings were in different competitions and, accordingly, on different tracks. The first was the victory of the legendary driver Juan Manuel Fangio at the Pau Grand Prix in France. It is noteworthy that this Grand Prix was a Formula One motor race, but it was not included in the official calendar of the Championship at that time. That, however, does not detract from the victory of the great driver and famous sports car of those times in the race of 110 laps. On the same day, the Richmond Trophy was held at Goodwood Motor Circuit, where the first finish line was crossed by a Briton called Reg Parnell in his own Maserati 4CLT. Well, the 1950 Formula One season started with the British Grand Prix on the Silverstone Circuit.

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The Maserati 4CLT was developed by chief engineer Alberto Massimino in 1947 and represented an evolution of the 4CL model. At that time, Maserati was actively competing on the race tracks with Alfa Romeo, and a kind of “arms race” forced the company to constantly improve the design of engines and cars themselves. After successful experiments with a two-stage supercharger – the 1.5-liter engine was able to produce 260 hp — there was a need for a reinforced body base to withstand such power. The frame was made of a tubular structure, increasing the torsional stiffness. Then, the letter ‘T’ appeared in the name of the model. And it does not derive from the word ‘turbo’, as you might think, but from the Italian ‘tubolare’ (which, in fact, reflected the car's new tubular chassis frame.).

The Maserati 4CLT at Goodwood Motor Circuit The Maserati 4CLT at Goodwood Motor Circuit

The first pair of the Maserati 4CLT made its debut in June 1948 in San Remo. Alberto Ascari and Luigi Villoresi then finished first and second. Consequently, the car was named ‘San Remo’. The already mentioned British driver Reg Parnell was able to win races that season more than once and also continued successful races in 1949.

It is worth noting that not only major racing teams chose the Maserati 4CLT, but also private owners in order to participate in the first season of Formula One. Meanwhile, Maserati upgraded the car, bringing its power to 280 hp.

Subsequently, the company developed the 1954 Maserati 250F, in which Sir Stirling Moss finished second in the 1956 Formula One season, and Juan Manuel Fangio won the 1957 season.

Nowadays, the racing legacy is carried by models such as the 2012 Maserati MC12 (V12, 630 hp) and its successor MC20, which is preparing for its debut this year, as well as the Maserati Levante Trofeo (V8, 590 hp).

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