Maserati Lets Us Listen to Its First Electric Vehicle

The Italian company has officially confirmed the creation of a sports car with an electric motor and has already started testing it.

Maserati is going to become one of the first major automakers to release not just a mass-produced electric vehicle but a mass-produced sports car with an electric motor. According to the company, this will happen in 2021.

Maserati Lets Us Listen to Its First Electric Vehicle photo 2

The world premiere of the electric GranTurismo, which will be the successor to the eponymous sports car with a petrol engine, is planned for next year. The GranCabrio, which is also an electric successor to the ICE version, will debut in 2021.

The both cars will have an electric engine developed by Maserati, the specifications of which have not yet been disclosed. It is only known that a special soundtrack will be developed for the electric motor, which should become a distinctive feature of the electric Maserati.

In the meantime, a prototype, which is currently being tested on the stand, does not differ from other electric vehicles in sound. According to Maserati, test electric vehicles will be released on public roads and even on race tracks in the near future. There, they will undergo serious tests.

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