Maserati Names a New Flagship Supercar

The new product will be released on the market as the MC20.

The official premiere of the supercar will take place in May, 2020.

Maserati Names a New Flagship Supercar photo 2

Maserati is preparing for the premiere of the new supercar. It will be the successor to the legendary mid-engine MC12 released in 2004. The MC12 was built on the Ferrari Enzo platform and inherited the 6-liter V12 from it. The circulation of the MC12 was limited to 62 units, of which 50 were road models and 12 were racing cars. In all likelihood, the circulation of the MC20 will also be limited.

Rumor has it that the new mid-engine coupe will be equipped with an exclusive V6 engine. Maserati does not provide any technical information about the new model. The manufacturer has just released a short promotional video and a series of ‘official’ spy photos. They demonstrate the coupe with vanity panels, but this does not prevent you from seeing a chunky silhouette and a lot of air intakes.

Maserati promises to show the MC20 in a roadster body in 2021. Later, they plan to release a version with an all-electric powertrain. This spring, the company will start implementing an electrification program and will launch a hybrid version of the Maserati Ghibli in 2020.

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