Maserati Updates Its Trident

The new logo of the Italian brand has debuted along with the MC20.

Along with the new MC20, Maserati has also updated its logo: Poseidon's trident has become monochrome and looks, as Italians say, more elegant and modern.

Maserati Updates Its Trident photo 2

The MC20, fully developed and engineered by Maserati, is the brand's first mid-engined car in 16 years. The abbreviation MC stands for Maserati Corse, which emphasizes the company's connection with motorsport, and the number 20 indicates the current year. You can find in the design of the MC20, which was worked on for about two years, echoes of its predecessor MC12. However, if you look closely, you will notice that Maserati has updated the brand’s trident. Previously, the logo was changed in 2005, when Poseidon’s trident received a slightly redesigned shape of the teeth.

Maserati says that the updated logo has become more elegant, modern and balanced. The trident located on the radiator grille has lost two red stripes and has become monochrome. Now, a vertical oval red icon of the trident has a new blue color, also known as Maserati Blue. The logo on the C-pillar of the MC20 body has lost its oval frame and lightning at the base. Finally, the Italians have also corrected the corporate font for the Maserati inscription: it is more angular and concise, and its shiny chrome coating is replaced with brushed aluminum.

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