Mathematicians Find a Way to Get Rid of Traffic Jams

Scientists at Saint Petersburg State University Alexander Krylatov and Viktor Zakharov suggest using mathematical algorithms to deal with traffic congestion.

The new research is based on the principles formulated by the English mathematician and transport analyst John Glen Wardrop in 1952. The scientists from St. Petersburg used these principles to solve the modern transport situation in metropolises.

Mathematicians Find a Way to Get Rid of Traffic Jams photo 2

The scientists suggest using a single information center to deal with traffic jams. It would help to choose suitable routes, expand or narrow a roadway, prohibit parking throughout the whole route, or create separate faster routes for owners of eco-friendly transports such as electric cars.

Every year a considerable budget is allocated for improving roadways. The mathematical theory of traffic flow distribution offers a set of solutions for effective management of these funds. At the same time, the mathematical approach in this case wins over the engineering and economic approach, since it allows you to analyze the entire transport network, taking into account the complex laws of mutual influence of its individual elements on each other. We have done a lot of work in the field of traffic flow and network modeling. Now we want to move to the stage of implementing our ideas in practice,

Alexander Krylatov said.

Mathematical models are proposed to be used in creating of transport system duplicates in a digital environment, which can be used in work on real road objects by transport engineers.

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