Mazda Not to Return MPS Family Back

New models have no place in the brand's current line-up.

Once, several MPS models were presented in Mazda’s model range but now they have no chance to be released again.

Mazda Not to Return MPS Family Back photo 2

Mazda has been focused on the premium segment for some time. As it has turned out, the brand’s new concept cannot do without victims: according to Mazda Brand Communications Senior Manager Drew Cary, the company is not going to return the MPS family back to the market. The MPS models (Mazda Performance Series) were released for the first time in 2006 and represented performance versions of passenger cars. They were called Mazdaspeed in the USA. Later, all the MPS modifications started gradually disappearing from the line-up.

The press secretary of Mazda did not delight the brand's fans: as Drew Cary said, the MPS cars have left the market and will most likely never return. “We have no plans to bring back the MPS family as we are focused on the premium segment,” he said. To that end, Mazda pays special attention to improving the quality of their models, while also concentrating on handling and dynamics. In a way, Turbo models, which will have improved dynamics and a sportier design, will be the replacement for the MPS line-up.

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