Mazda Takes Two Years Off

Mazda will use the next two years to prepare for an assault on the premium market segment.

In accordance with the new brand development strategy, Mazda intends to focus on preparing for a large-scale update of the model line. By 2023, the company plans to develop a new rear-wheel drive platform, a hybrid powertrain, and a line of inline six-cylinder petrol and diesel engines. According to Nikkei Asian Review with reference to the company's report for investors, during this period, Mazda will suspend the production of new cars and restyled existing models.

Mazda Takes Two Years Off photo 2

The new platform and units will be used for larger models. They are planned to complement the brand's line-up. With their help, Mazda expects to win back a part of the premium market from such brands as Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Some considerable resources will be required to implement such ambitious plans. The company intends to focus on them, putting aside current updates.

Earlier, Mazda’s representatives reported that the company would be happy to return to rotary engines and release a number of sports cars equipped with them. Unfortunately, no concrete plans in this direction have been announced yet. At this stage, the company’s rotary engines can be used as generators in hybrid powertrains.

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