Mazda’s First EV Receives a Petrol Engine

While all the world's car manufacturers are moving at a rapid pace towards full car electrification, Mazda has decided to return to its roots.

It has equipped the MX-30, its first electric compact SUV, with a hybrid powertrain. This modification of the model is called the e-SkyActiv G.

Mazda’s First EV Receives a Petrol Engine photo 2

The powertrain of the model works according to the scheme of a mild hybrid and includes a 2.0-liter SkyActiv petrol engine and a 24-volt starter-generator. Mazda calls this the M Hybrid technology. The model has debuted in Japan. During the presentation, the manufacturer stated that the car has high fuel efficiency, but it did not announce specifications. However, do not despair, because the same unit is installed in the co-platform CX-30 SUV. So, it was not difficult to find out the technical component. In particular, the engine together with the electric motor gives out up to 150 hp and 213 Nm.

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It is worth noting that the all-electric Mazda MX-30, which was introduced last year in Japan, is equipped with an electric motor with a power output of 143 hp and 264 Nm. A 200-km drive range is provided by a 33.5-kWh battery. The model is already being produced, and the first deliveries will begin in the fall of this year.

Mazda’s First EV Receives a Petrol Engine photo 4

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